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2.1. To manage your purchases, provide services (such as customer support) and fulfill other requests

2.1.1. Orders, in-store purchases and accounts

Online, when you purchase an item via one of our websites, we collect your name and company name (in case the customer is a small business), full and / or separate billing address, address and -mail, items ordered and returned, delivery information, invoice information and other data relating to the fulfillment of the order. We will also collect data on the use of your vouchers (e.g., validity and amount) or gift vouchers. We also collect the data you choose to provide us in additional fields, such as your date of birth and phone number.

We use this data because it is necessary to conclude, execute and manage the purchase and the order. In some cases, the requested information may be mandatory. If you do not provide us with a name and delivery address, we will not be able to deliver the items you have ordered.

During the purchase process, you will be presented with the option to set up a personal account. If you choose to set up an account, we will ask for additional information such as a personal password to set, date of birth and subscription to commercial communications.

2.1.2. Customer service and other inquiries

We also collect data to answer your questions by phone, post, email or online via a chatbot or online form. If so, we will ask you to provide only the data necessary to handle your request (to manage our contractual relationship with you and / or to comply with a legal obligation). For example, if you contact us about returning items, we may ask you for the date and location of purchase, or information about your decision to return items.

When you interact with a chatbot (automatic messages) we also record your responses and how you interact in the chat, and we will store data relating to the device you use. Depending on the chatbot platform and with your permission, we may collect device data such as: IP address, social media username, time zone, country and GPS location data. The platform providing the chatbot may also collect some of this data. For example, if the chatbot is provided on Facebook, Facebook may also collect your user data. We also collect other information in connection with the fulfillment of your request, such as chat content.

We may process this data because it is necessary to manage our contractual relationship with you in the event that your request is related to an order or because we have a legitimate interest in helping you and thus improving our services.

2.1.3. Terms, conditions or information (and any changes)

We are required by law to inform you (of any changes) of the terms and conditions and notices that apply to the relationship we have with you. In order to comply with these legal obligations, we may use your contact details, such as your e-mail address, to inform you.

2.1.4. Checks to prevent credit card fraud or excessive credit card refunds

If you wish to pay for your order with a credit card, a credit check will be performed to verify that your personal details are not associated with fraudulent use of your credit card. For this purpose, our payment service provider will use your name and bank account details. We do not collect information relating to the payment instrument you use, eg. credit card information. This information is processed exclusively by our payment service provider and payment instrument providers based on strict information security guarantees. We do this to protect our legitimate business interest in preventing fraud and financial loss, or to comply with our legal obligations.

2.2. To maintain our relationship with you through (digital) marketing and social listening initiatives

2.2.1. Newsletters, promotional communications or clickable links in an email

If you provide your consent or if we have a legitimate interest in doing so, we will collect your email address and / or mobile number and / or postal address to send you our newsletter and other commercial messages. In addition, we will keep a history of the email and SMS messages we have sent and we will record what you do with these messages (for example, if you open them or click on their content). You can unsubscribe at any time via the “Unsubscribe” or “Opt Out” button under each email, or by requesting us to do so via the contact details below or in the relevant commercial message.

2.2.2. Personalized experience and online experience improvement

When you visit our websites, we will place cookies, pixels and other digital tools with similar functionality (” cookies “) on your browser or device, to allow us to better understand you and personalize your experience with us and our communication activities and marketing aimed at you.

Our use of cookies, pixels and other digital tools with similar functionality is described in more detail in our cookie policy.

2.2.3. Personalized targeted advertising

Based on your online and offline purchase history, your behavior on websites (pages visited, links clicked) and your interaction with chatbots, we will set up and manage your personal digital marketing profile to ensure that it only displays advertisements that can best adapt to your personal taste. This type of advertising is called targeted advertising. The more effective our targeted advertising, the greater the satisfaction of our (potential) customers.

To show you targeted advertisements, we can also match your data profile with customers who have a similar profile.

To support our targeted advertising, we use a Data Management Platform (“ DMP ”).

The DMP collects information about how our consumers respond to our products, our brand and our advertising. This information is collected from various sources available to us offline, online and on the mobile network, for example when you visit our website. In addition to this, they are supplemented with information collected by others, such as data on local weather conditions. Based on that information, our DMP can help our marketing teams find and define relevant online audiences for direct marketing campaigns in order to best reach them, within ButNot’s digital channels and beyond. If your digital marketing profile falls into one of these segments, you will be able to receive our advertising tailored to the interests of the segment in which we have positioned you, via Facebook, Google channels, online channels of so-called affiliated parties and other locations and online materials. and offline; this type of advertising is called targeted advertising.

We may also use the data for retargeting by showing you targeted advertising on a third party website linked to an event on our website, such as a specific purchase that has been abandoned.

In addition, Facebook, Google and other online operators can independently record your use of our advertisements. It is recommended that you read the privacy policies of these third parties as we are not responsible for the personal data they process for their purposes.

You can request us to remove your digital marketing profile by sending us an email to the contact email address listed below.

We use your data for targeted advertising only if you have given your consent to the placement of cookies and the collection of personal data via the cookie. Our use of cookies, pixels and other digital tools with similar functionality is described in more detail in our cookie policy.

We collect the information necessary to enable you to participate in the business and manage our contractual relationship with you, such as name and email. Personal data collected by us in the context of a prize draw, contest or seasonal promotion or other promotion may be subject to additional privacy notices.

In principle, we obtain your personal data directly from you. However, in some cases we obtain personal data such as your shopping preferences and activities, for example, through publicly available databases or our digital marketing activities and partners when they share information with us. See section 2.2.3 below for more information.

2.2.5. Social listening

If you actively communicate about us or our brands on social media, we collect a copy of your communication. For example, if you use #butnot in relation to one of our articles, we will keep a copy of the tweet and we may use it to increase the awareness of our brands. To enable us to do this, we have outsourced the provision of social listening services. Please note that any information published or disclosed through these services will become public and may be available to other users and the general public.

Furthermore, if you disclose personal data relating to other persons to us or to our related service providers, you represent that you have the authority to do so and to allow us to use the personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you choose to link your social media account to your ButNot account (if such feature is available), you will share some personal data from your social media account with us, for example, your name, email address, photo, directory social media contacts, and any other information that is available or that you make available to us when you link your social media account to your ButNot account. We will carry out these activities to manage our contractual relationship with you, with your consent or if we have a legitimate interest.

2.4. To improve our services and articles

We process your personal data in order to identify usage trends and personalized content (e.g., article, recommended measures) on websites. The information we obtain is used to further improve our services and articles, for example to create and design our new collection, or to make improvements to current collections in order to meet your expectations.

For example, if you actively communicate about us or our brands on social media, interact with our chatbot or our customer service, we can use your input to improve our services and articles. We will carry out this activity in cases where we have a legitimate interest in doing so.

2.5. In connection with a sale or business transaction

We may share your personal data with third parties as part of a reorganization, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition of all or part of our business, assets or capital (including in connection with bankruptcy or similar proceedings. ). Such third parties may include, for example, an acquiring entity and its advisors. We will carry out this activity in cases where we have a legitimate interest in doing so.

2.6. To manage and improve the functionality of our websites

When you visit our websites, we will place cookies, pixels and other digital tools with similar functionality (“cookies”) on your browser or device that allow us to improve the design and operation of our websites, the responsiveness of our chatbots and enable the technical and functional management of our websites (including the maintenance of information security), for example by identifying parts of the websites with low latency. We will carry out this activity in cases where we have a legitimate interest in doing so. Our use of cookies, pixels and other digital tools with similar functionality is described in more detail in our cookie policy.

2.7. To carry out other business purposes

Where necessary, we may use your personal data to manage security and fraud, for example, to detect and prevent cyber attacks or attempts to commit identity theft. Additionally, we may use your personal data to protect our rights and defend ourselves against lawsuits and to respond to legal and regulatory obligations, such as requests from public and governmental authorities. We carry out these activities to comply with a legal obligation or because we have a legitimate interest.


Please note that our websites are not directed to individuals under the age of sixteen (16). We ask that you do not post comments or content from people under that age.


Your personal data may be accessed by our employees to the extent that this access is necessary to enable them to carry out their work for us. Furthermore, we disclose personal data to:

Our third party service providers who facilitate the management of our websites, marketing initiatives (including contests, sweepstakes and similar promotions) and other business needs, such as data hosting, data analytics, information security and technology and related infrastructure provision, customer service, auditing, payment service providers, marketing service providers, and other business purposes.

Other individuals with whom you choose to share your personal data, including: for example, third parties with whom we collaborate or interact, including business partners and social media.

Public authorities, justice and law enforcement, tax authorities and other authorities with investigative powers or public authorities under applicable law.


You have the right to ask us to:

• provide you with access to your personal data that we collect and process,
• rectify or delete personal data,
• limit the processing of your personal data,
• provide an electronic copy of your personal data for the purpose of transmitting them to another company,
• or oppose the processing.

To do this, you can send us an email to the contact email address given below.

If you wish to opt out of receiving direct marketing communications, you can click on the unsubscribe link in the respective message. For your rights related to cookies, please read our cookie policy.

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a data protection authority for your country or region or where an alleged breach of applicable data protection law occurs. A list of data protection authorities is available at this link: que .


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